The Boyfriend Tag – Blog style.

The Boyfriend Tag - Blog style.

Remember the days where you’d rush home from school and see that your fave youtuber had uploaded a “Boyfriend Tag” video and you’d probably watch it every week to remind yourself of how #ADORBZ they were.
Oh, those were the days. The days of worrying when my first kiss would be, and laying awake at night thinking ‘I’M SO UGLY, NO ONE WILL EVER FANCY ME.’ Ha.
Well luckily, I met someone who maybe, just maybe, did fancy me a lil’ bit…and now he’s my boyf. *heart eyes emoji.* So I’m making my inner 14 year old happy by creating this boyfriend tag blog post. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

1.) Where did we meet?

Well, wanna hear a funny story? BRACE YASELVES PEOPLE. 
Luke was actually my boss to start with. Hahahaha. 
He was a manager of a night club, and I got a job hostessing there. We barely spoke at first, I was so shy…and eventually I quit the job. Then, fast forward three years later, we met again. I was drunk on a night out and bounced over declaring how much I fancied him. *cringe.* We started talking and them BOOM. Romantic, right?
Oh, and then he gave me my job back. #PerksOfDatingTheBoss

2.) Where was our first date?

Our first date was actually a double date. Four of us rocked up to a fancy Italian Restaurant. I had spag bol of course, and Luke ordered numerous bottles of wine. And y’know, us being us we got absolutely hammered and ended up going on a big night out. STANDARD.

3.) What was my first impression of my boyfriend?

I always thought Luke was cute. He had a certain charm about him (even when he was my boss.) But of course I kept it secret…he was a player back in the day anyway, Lolz. Who’d have thought I’d actually have a chance?

4.) What was our first holiday together?

Our first holiday was a city break to Milan. It was so exciting going to Italy as neither of us had been before. We visited all the sites, hunted down tasty pizza, and of course got a VIP booth in a club and had way too many vodkas. It was a bloody good holiday!

5.) How long have we been together?

We’ve only actually been together for around 10 months now. BLIMEY. And we travelled to the other side of the world together. IF YA KNOW THEN YA KNOW.

6.) Do we have any traditions?

Hmm, not really. We’re quite spontaneous people so we just do whatever we feel like at the time! But maybe setting some cute traditions would be a nice thing to do.

7.) What do we argue about the most?

To be honest, we don’t have a main topic that we specifically argue about. We just bicker at the most stupid things. But that’s because he’s the most irritating person on the planet. :)(: But we always just end up laughing at each other.

8.) Who wears the trousers in the relationship?

LOL we both like to think that we do.

9.) Where was our first kiss?


10.) Who said ‘I love you’ first?

He did! We were lying in bed and he just blurted it out. Such a lil cutie.
He did! We were lying in bed and he just blurted it out. Such a lil cutie.
So, that’s the boyfriend tag!
I might try and persuade him to do a proper version on youtube some time soon. But I highly doubt he’ll agree to it haha!
Writing this post made me realise our relationship is 90% food, alcohol, and being best pals. He does make me chuckle.
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