How are you all?!
I’m going to skip all the “oh my god I haven’t posted in like forever” business, because y’know, I think AUSTRALIA is a pretty good excuse.
I’m all settled into my new flat with Luke, in the beautiful city of Brisbane. I have two jobs in restaurants, and I’m super happy here. I’ve only been here about three weeks, but it’s all kind of coming together. I can finally relax and take a moment to realise I’m on the other side of the world.
I guess I haven’t been online much because
a) I’ve been busy flat hunting
b) I’ve been busy job hunting
c) I’ve been busy exploring the city
d) The time zone is megga different
e) all of the above
*Hint*…(the answer is E)

AAAAH I mean, where do I start?!?!

I feel like I have so much to fill you guys in on. Like, if I was phoning you up I’d be throwing word vomit at you and basically just wanting to tell you my whole life in about 5 minutes. Yanoe… like this example below.
 “oh my god there’s this amazing bagel cafe round the corner which is just PURE DELICIOUSNESS. But you have to watch out for the giant birds that swoop down and practically try and kill you. So far I’ve seen a few lizards, a giant grasshopper, one spider and a few cockroaches. GUUUUURL I nearly screamed the whole world down. I went to a yoga class on the park which was super cool. And a pool party. But oh my god it’s ACTUALLY been raining, like what the hell? If I wanted rain I’d be in England. I’m missing my family and friends back at home so much. But I guess that’s natural right? We’re planning a beach trip soon, and there’s soooo much more to explore. But now we’re settled I can post so much more often and there will be lots to update you on. I went on a small-ish hike but I was still the person at the back lolz. (The views were amazing though.) And oh boy, the cafe at the end was WORTH IT. I had a big fat potato salad and a raspberry muffin. Mmmm, yes perlease. I’ve met some really lovely people here. They all have cool accents, and most of the people we have met are also couples. So it’s nice to hang out and drink berry ciders at the pub. Yep, Australian’s are BIIIIG drinkers. I’m still trying to persuade Luke to take me on some mental night out…ha, I’m working on it. OH, and btw, we even found a Nandos. Gal’s done guuuurd.”

Did ya catch all that?

If not, here’s a spam of photo’s if ya fancy a scroll.
Anyways, I’ll love and leave ya there huns. I don’t want to blabber on too much. But there’ll be lots more Australian – goodness to come.