Australia: The Good and the Bad

Australia: The Good

Hey peeps.

(omg…”peeps”…AM I IN YEAR 7?!?!)
So, it’s been just over a month since my feet touched Australian ground…wow.


Like, really, really quickly.

But after being here for a month, I’ve kinda got into the swing of things and would like to share the good and the bad stuff with ya.
 I mean, not there’s many bad things. It’s currently 28 degrees and I’m sat in a pretty cool apartment with my boyf; so yanoe, I can’t really complain.
Australia: the Bad

The Good

  • The sunshine, obvs.
  • You can wear cute dresses and groovy shorts every day of the week.
  • Most people I have met are super friendly. Maybe it’s the accents, but N’AW, very nice people everywhere.
  • Australians say “hey” a lot after everything. “Good meal, hey.”…”Gorgeous weather, hey.”…”You watching the football hey?”
  • I bought a boomerang and I feel like a true Ozzie gal.
  • You don’t actually see that many spiders or snakes (thank god)
  • There’s a gorgeous lagoon in the middle of the city and the water is super warm
  • The pretty beaches
  • In the Australian countryside, the stars are SO bright and beautiful
  • If you have no money, you can just go for a dip in the pool FOR FREE
  • I’m finally starting to get a (tiny) tan
  • Every week there’s some sort of trivia / quiz going on at some cool pub
  • The food! In Brisbane, there’s soooo many restaurants, cafe’s, burger joints…just anything really!
  • You can get McDonalds delivered right to your door
  • Ceiling fans are a gift from God
  • There’s an awesome corner shop that sells tarot cards and crystal and other cool witchy things
  • There’s so many amazing places to explore
  • The walk into the city is just insaaaane; you walk over a bridge on the river where it’s surrounded by skyscrapers, boats, and a pure blue sky

The bad

  • When it rains, IT RAINS. And when there’s a storm, there’s a STORM gurl. It’s the craziest thunder and lightening you ever did witness.
  • Christmas is a bit naff over here. Like, where’s my Christmas Dinner at with yorkshire puddings? Where’s the Christmas tunes? WHERE’S THE TINSEL AND PARTY HATS AND CHOCOLATE AND COAL FIRES AND HOT CHOCS AND AND AND ….yeah. I miss the English Christmas.
  • Even though the wage is higher here, it’s preeettyyyyyyy expensive. Doh.
  • I miss my family and friends *sad face*
  • Cockroaches run so god damn fast and scare the living daylights out of me
  • Chocolate melts within like 0.2 seconds
  • You have to put bread in the freezer straight away which is annoying because I love a good crisp sandwich
  • Crisps are like, well expensive.
  • The time zone with England sucks. It can sometimes be tricky to call home because you’re both busy at different times.
So, that’s my good and bad so far!
I’m sure many more will keep being added to my list as I keep travelling around and going on new adventures. Yay!