A debate: The Honeymoon Gift List

A debate: The Honeymoon Gift List

Oh hey lovelies.

Today I’m collaborating with the fabulous Fly us to the moon to discuss a debate that often flies around, the whole wedding gift list / honeymoon gift list malarkey.
Is it a good idea? Or is it, y’know, kinda cheeky?
Okay, so first up…what’s a honeymoon gift list?
A honeymoon gift list is basically a list you can provide your wedding guests with, to choose different gifts that they can give you for your honeymoon. This can be from something as small as giving £2 for a beer on the beach, to upgrading your flights to snazzy first class, or even going the full way and booking the hotel, travel AND some beaut dresses to wear whilst you’re there.

I mean, a honeymoon gift list does not sound bad to me…AT ALL.

I think the only problem that could ever lie with a honeymoon gift list, is if the bride and groom ask for a specific amount of money or gifts. For eg a minimum spend.
 Nuh-uh honey.
 I mean, I don’t know about you but when I’m a wedding guest I’m constantly stressing about what to give as a present. Have I spent enough? What has everyone else spent? WHAT IF THEY HATE ME.
But this is where a honeymoon gift list kinda saves the day. You can donate what you like, buy what you like, and give what you like…YO’ FREE AS A BIRD BABY. And you have the great feeling of knowing you’re helping the married couple out, by sending them away on some fabulous honeymoon. It’s a win win situation.
I know if I was getting married, I’d much rather send out a honeymoon gift list rather than asking for like, a thousand and one items for my house. I feel like that is so much more pressured and just…I dunno, basic? Gal can go and buy some pots and pans from home bargains, don’t sweat it guys.
Creating a honeymoon gift list can be super easy to do too! Fly us to the Moon state on their website that you can “create gifts that guests can contribute to, from flights to meals to safaris and everything in between.” Oh, and you can register and get started for free! So anyone getting married soon…take note guys…I got cha’ back with this one.
The Fly us to the moon website is so fun and exciting, you can choose different types of gifts, and design your gift list to make it all cute and pretty. (Priorities ‘n’ all that.)


Let me know in the comments what you think about honeymoon gift lists! I’d love to know your thoughts!